We can offer the following services:


  • Supply of equipment, emergency situation tools for industrial objects, brand-new and second-handed first class facility:
  • Scuba diving equipment, including special equipment for military and defense divining
  • Military and defense equipment, including equipment for special forces
  • Shipbuilding and shiprepair
  • Equipment for border forces and coast guard
  • Working and special clothes
  • Control systems for airports and custom points (including sensors of radioactivity)
  • Emergency-rescue assets, fire safety systems, also individual safety assets and etc.
  • Oil spill equipment
  • Technical equipment: engines (Volvo Penta, Man, Caterpillar ), generators, compressors, tools with attached sets
  •  Industrial and marine radio electronics including GMDSS, Our company is a dealer of such well-known manufacturers of radionavigational equipment as FURUNO (Japan), McMurdo (England) Ross Engineering (The USA), Thrane and Thrane (Denmark), Trimble (The USA).
  • Individual electronics, alarm systems, sensor systems and parsers.
  • Industrial and marine industrial spare tools
  • Industrial and marine electrical equipment, spare tools with attached sets
  • Welding equipment and consumables
  • Turnkey constructions: (including zero cycle and projecting in accordance to a customer’s request), official delivery, commissioning and start-up, warranty and after warranty services of ship and costal radio-navigational facility, also ensuring the safety of marine traffic (monitoring of mobile objects, hydrometeor monitoring, mooring of large-capacity vessels) corporative and communication nets, etc.
  • Turnkey constructions - industrial automatic systems, safety systems, spillover and level control, fire safety system and etc including autonomic, alternative electricity-sourced systems.
  • Turnkey constructions- labs and analytic systems
  • Turnkey constructions- usual and alternative electricity sourced systems including projecting under customer’s request.


Primary necessities for manufacture:

Tools, packing and hoses, (rubber and plastic ware), armature, technique and labor safety facility, polisher technology tools, ball-bearings and other technical wares.


 Supplies for industrial enterprises:


Steel sheets, structural stock, pipes and pipelines, papal combinations.  Flanges of any materials in accordance to DIN and ANSI standards, including famous international classification societies’ take-over.


 Ship supply


Ship chandler supply- provisions, bond articles, deck and cabin facility, supplies for main and auxiliary engines

There are more then 1000 items of technical facility and spare tools of the world’s leading productions’ in our ware house.

 Marine and industrial chemistry

 Emergency-safety equipment, fire safety facility, assets of personal protection and etc.

Technical facility

Marine radio-electronics including GMDSS, industrial electronics, alarm systems, sensor systems and parsers.

Deck facility- including minor mechanization, rigging, multi reverse binding assets, devices, instruments, bearing parts, building materials, colors, chemical appliances, oils and lubrications.

Marine and industrial spare parts

Marine and industrial electrical equipment, spare tools and attached sets.


Includes canned and fresh goods, vegetables and fruits, grocery-ware, bakery products and pastry, potables


Includes work wear, bedding, electric goods, ware, household appliances, pharmaceutical goods, stationery, flags and etc.


We also offer our services in survey of conventional facility, including:

Breathing apparatus

Inflatable rafts

Fire safety equipment, radio equipment,

 Radio equipment GMDSS

Check and recharge of gas and Freon balloons

Repair and adjustment of industrial and marine management engineering

Repair of industrial and marine equipment, permanent and variable power

Repair of radio-navigational equipment

Water sample and foam former analyses




Thank you for the interest on our company. One of our representatives will be in touch shortly. Partsvania Irakli