«MARINE TECHNICS» is a leading supplier of marine equipment and spare parts in the territory of Russia and CIS, having biggest distribution network.
 Spare parts business to mechanical equipment

Marine radioelectronic equipment

Equipment for new-building


“GOSCO” has recently entered the supply market of equipment and spare parts for oil and gas industry. Nevertheless we are the dynamic team of professionals guided by systematic approach, creativity and thus by non-routine decisions. This ensured that “GOSCO” finds its market.

FURUNO - radio navigation, radio communication, satellite communication and radio electronic ship’s equipment. OUR STATUS - Authorized regional distributor.


Volvo Penta is a world-leading and global manufacturer of engines and complete power systems for both marine and industrial applications. All our efforts strive to give our customers the right product, with the right qualities, at the right price and with a clear innovative and competitive Volvo Penta image.

According orders from DHS our company supply the Georgian Coast Guard and Custom Department

Batumi port is connected with all sea countries of the world by sea ways. It is the transport link connecting the sea, river, railway, automobile, air and pipeline types of transport. The main purpose of port is the uninterrupted cargo handling and passenger service. Port performs the bunkering of vessels, supplying of fresh water and the safe mooring of vessels in port.








Drager - Technology for Life. Our products monitor, support and protect vital human functions, creating better and safer conditions for our health and the environment. Our corporate policy is therefore: Drager. Technology for life.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia


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